Woo Hoo! It’s official, I’m a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! My book makes a great gift for anyone raising a child, between the ages three and ten.
My book
 STRETCH MARKS by Crystal Horton
Foreword is written by John Page Burton

Throughout the pages of Stretch Marks, you will discover my fun, quirky, informative take on parenting. Stretch Marks is written for anyone raising a child between the ages of three and ten and provides you with proven, practical, strategies highlighting the importance of effective parent/child communication, self-awareness, and preparation.

Whether you’re married, a single parent, step-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or foster parent, Stretch Marks can help you better manage your time, resources and emotions thus bringing the JOY back into parenting. The enlightening, energetic strategies in Stretch Marks are designed to promote a greater sense of family life balance while at the same time opening deeper levels of communication within the family unit.


Enjoy your book!


Book Review

Crystal Horton’s Book “Stretch Marks” Shares Insights from Her Parenting Journey

“If you’re a parent who craves a kindred spirit, another friendly voice who offers support for “the hardest thing a person can do,” I recommend this book.”

— Dr. Denny Coates, Parenting Author

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