Salsa Recipe

Recipe of the Week: Salsa

This is what we call “Pico Salsa” It’s our favorite go-to snack that I mixed by accident one day. It goes great with tacos, nachos, fajitas or a simple after-school snack. Print Recipe Salsa Prep Time 15 minutes Servings people Ingredients 6 tomatoes diced with juicehandful cilantro minced (fresh or dried)1/2 white onion diced3 tbs Read More


Time Saving Strategies for Busy Parents

These five simple strategies have helped me stay sane during those unpredictable moments that happen with kids. Time-saving strategies may have the impact to change a lifestyle completely or simply help restore sanity. Learning how to maximize our time will make more time accessible for those precious heart-warming moments. 1. Teach Simple Tasks When my children were Read More

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Recipe of the Week: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This is a simple go to recipe I love to use after we make Pot Roast. Home-cooked meals often bring a sense of togetherness for busy families, even when eating at different times. Actions (or words) that show that you care about someone, fills their emotional bucket. Plus, it’s great for the family budget. Print Read More