Time Saving Strategies for Busy Parents

These five simple strategies have helped me stay sane during those unpredictable moments that happen with kids. Time-saving strategies may have the impact to change a lifestyle completely or simply help restore sanity. Learning how to maximize our time will make more time accessible for those precious heart-warming moments.

1. Teach Simple Tasks

When my children were little, I thought it was easier to do things myself but long term it made matters worse. By taking the time to teach my children simple things to do for themselves it saved me tons of time. Not only that but lifted their confidence and implemented independence. Our morning and bedtime routine has gone a lot smoother now that they take care of their responsibilities.

2. Prep For The Week Ahead

Teaching good habits comes from preparation. I love to prep for the week ahead during the prior weekend. Each member of our family has a task to complete which helps with unexpected interruptions. It’s never too late to teach children how to organize and prioritize their day. Mastering the tasks of each day will produce a successful week.

3. Communicate

Children thrive when they feel understood. Our posture imitates our frame of mind and children pick up on this indication. Family communication is the basic building block. Doors of communication open in the home when there’s a continuous exchange of feelings and information available.

4. Keep A To-Do List

Throughout the day write things down.  To-do lists allow families to be more efficient.  Keeping a to-do list saves time, as long as a deadline is created. Success shows writing things down has an 80% accomplishment rate. Creating a list, with a purpose, ignites goal setting skills which prompt intrinsic motivation.

5. Meal Plan

Meal planning saves time, money and frustration. It’s easy to get caught up in figuring out what to cook for dinner, then making several trips to the store for ingredients. Meal planning eliminates this stress. I like to plan six dinner meals at a time, then go shopping with a list of ingredients.

Click here to check out my favorite meal planning template.

If you do the task for a child, it will support them the for that day.  But, if you teach a child how to do the task it will nourish them for a lifetime.

Create a great day, Crystal