13 Time Management Habits of Successful Mom’s by Crystal Horton

In order to master your day you must have the discipline to master your life. To accomplish this, good time management skills must be set in place. Keeping the household in order clears your mindset of any clutter and allows you to live in the moment, sleep peacefully and bring the joy back into parenting.

The strategies I’ve listed below have made a tremendous impact in my time management efforts.

  1. Create a master calendar, view it several times a day.
  2. Create a morning ritual you look forward to.
  3. Make a list, highlight your top 3 priorities and dominate those first.
  4. Write in a journal.
  5. Set Social Media Boundaries
  6. If there’s no plan, your calendar will rule your day.
  7. Your calendar doesn’t control you.
  8. Discipline is a must to achieve goals.
  9. Plan all outfits together for the week Sunday afternoon.
  10. Create a night time ritual you look forward to.
  11. Drink a glass of red wine (5 oz)
  12. Compromise
  13. Plan – DO – Review

When asked “How do you do it all?” Take that as a compliment and know your on the path of success. Everyone wants to know the secret and now you’ve got it. Managing time is a constant adjustment, keep your head held high and believe in yourself. Everything flows when you have the tools to move forward,

Create a great day!