Another Year, Another School And Another Move …

For the past couple of years my husband and I have been striving to find a good school for our children. Good school meaning academic focused and challenging, good well balanced families, students respecting teachers and peers and vice versa. This has not been the case and yet as another year goes by with a “new” school and here we are making the decision to move our children to a different school next year. I worry because over the last 4 years we have transferred our children to three different school. Three!

Well, one transfer was because we moved to a different city but now that we are here we’ve moved the children twice. I expressed my concern to my children and you know what? They don’t mind. They told me that “academics and healthy relationships are important” and they understand not to settle. My heart is full in the fact that my children understand.

It was that parenting moment when I realized, our teaching of a solid foundation set in. Woo hoo!

Seven ways to help your child build strong character:

  1. Know what you stand for, so your child knows too.
  2. Be mindful of your choices and comments, children learn our moral standards.
  3. Talk frequently to your child about your family values.
  4. Ask good thought provoking questions about morals.
  5. Teach and boost empathy.
  6. If you want to raise a child to stand up for their believes, encourage them to share their opinions.
  7. Teach assertive skills.

Create a great rest of your day – Crystal