Book Review: It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell

At first I thought this book was incredible. I was inspired by the weigh loss journey Andie Mitchell took. She faced some major turn of events in her life in order to lose 135 pounds. She had to face her past in order to find the root to her eating tendencies. I applaud her for that and for inspiring many individuals on their weight loss journey too. BUT the more I thought about this book and her journey the more I realized some interesting patterns.

Andie Mitchell has an inspiring journey, for sure. The first chapter was incredible and caught my attention. But chapter after chapter I felt as if her problem was switching from weight loss to calorie counting, to watching titanic over and over, to friends to anorexia, etc. Although she may look healthier now than in her past, she has obsessive compulsive tendencies. I’m glad she is healthier but she seemed to swap her unhealthy relationship with food to another.

WAIT! The title of the book makes sense now “It was me all along.” She’s aware of her patterns and with that awareness brings clarity.

Andie’s food blog is awesome. She shares healthy recipes, inspirational epiphanies and updates on life. I certainly enjoy reading about her journey and have noticed how much she’s grown since the publishing of this book.  -Woo hoo to that!

For the first time, I appeared healthy on the outside. I wanted so badly to conceal the fact that, despite a radical transformation, I remained as screwed up as I had ever been.  – Andie Mitchell, It Was Me All Along

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