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BE AN EAGLE by Crystal Horton

I once read a story about a chicken and an eagle. It was from Darren Hardy’s book “Living Your Best Year Ever.” The story starts off on a large, majestic mountainside where a fragile eagle’s nest rested. The eagle’s nest contained four large eagle eggs. One day an earthquake rocked the mountain causing one of Read More

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If I could wrap my children in bubble wrap, I would. Does that make me an overprotective/helicopter parent? Perhaps it does, but only if I actually do it. As a parent, I often find myself becoming the overly protective parent type that shields my children from EVERYTHING. From my perspective, I am protecting them from Read More

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Have you ever put a workout schedule together only to realize it doesn’t fit into your family life balance? Have you found yourself wishing and hoping to make the routine work but only end up becoming frustrated? How about making an effort to get up an hour earlier to get a good workout done? How Read More

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SHAPING THE FUTURE by Crystal Horton

Once upon a time, there were three moms who were standing together talking. A person approached them and asked what they do for a living. They each had a different answer. The first mom said, “I’m just a mom.” The second mom said, “I take care of my children, and keep our house organized.” The Read More


This Topic Matters by Crystal Horton

Suicide is something that confuses me.  It’s not my place to describe what is going through a person’s mind when this tragedy happens because I simply don’t know.  I can recall the terrible thoughts that took over my mind when diagnosed with depression. At first, it started out with these crazy cravings for pasta.  Then Read More

Sense of Belonging

SENSE OF BELONGING by Crystal Horton

I recently participated in a parenting class and the host, Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, was describing the importance of a child’s belonging to gain a sense of significance in the family. I couldn’t help but wonder, isn’t this what moms search for too? Before a woman becomes a mother, they tend to Read More