Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship by Crystal Horton


I read about the many characteristics that build a successful marriage. There were articles like “17 characteristics to a successful relationship,” and “10 things you must do to keep your marriage healthy,” and “What makes a good relationship,” and “7 keys to long-term relationship success.” Blah, blah, blah …  because that’s all those articles really are. Don’t allow someone, who doesn’t know anything about your relationship, to crowd your mind with things you should be doing and shouldn’t be doing. A healthy relationship is just that and you’ll know if your in one or not. The end.

When experiencing a healthy relationship, couples learn things and become more compassionate and understanding toward each other. Individuals act differently when in a healthy relationship and become part of a team.  Relationships filled with joy, happiness, love and light provide a ripple effect to their children too. It’s sort of like a “serenity” experience that radiates enlightenment.

Define the characteristics that you believe make a healthy relationship prosper, this provides clarity of your relationship morals. Think about the way you want to be treated in a relationship. Do your morals, values and characteristics attract that type of individual you are searching for? There are several incredible characteristics that build a healthy relationship but in the end it all comes down to trust.

Trust is the foundation in every successful relationship. Without trust non of the other characteristics matter.

Create a great day,