Let’s Play Ball!

Hello, Everyone. Today is my son’s first baseball game, ever. We’re super excited for him and love watching him play. Tuesday is also, a busy day of the week for us. We have work, school, life skills class, karate and now baseball. Lucky for us these activities happen at different times of the day so we can attend every event. In order to keep our schedule organized and to be present in the moment preparing a few days before is key. Here’s what we do:

One week before the game, during dinner, we plan our meals. This helps take away the concern of what to eat and creates healthy habits. I write out our meal plan and put what groceries are needed on a list. The template to left is what I use. (Click on it to download your copy)

The next day is grocery shopping day. In the evening we separate everything. This takes a few hours. We separate groceries, chop as needed and put all ingredients together for the week ahead.

During the weekend I like to plan my outfits for the following week. I find peace in knowing what I’m going to wear the next day. I also have my kids do the same. That way when they get home from school we stick to a system that keeps us on point.

Also, Sunday after church we then enjoy our “Sunday, Funday!” We do some form of family bonding together and rest for our upcoming week. This is very important because when the kids buckets are filled they won’t be “screaming” for attention on the day we’ve got to be in three different places.

Monday evening is last minute prep day. This is where we make sure all baseball gear is in it’s bag ready to go. The girls double check their karate bags and we also put together a bag for our life skills class. Every activity has a bag and we hang it on a hook in the hallway for easy access. We also prep our snack bags, because everything operates smoothly when our bellies are happy.

On game day we wake up eat a good breakfast and pack a good lunch. Then, I take the kids to school and do my thing. About an hour before I pick them up from school I load all the bags and snacks into our car. This day is a simple day since we did the prep work a few days earlier.

Christi Youd, President of Organize Enterprise, LLC, states that “time management is a principle that impacts children’s emotional, social, physical, mental, financial and spiritual lives.” Productivity organizes an individual’s thoughts, allowing the ability to be present in the moment. Accomplishing tasks empowers us to keep moving forward with confidence. Setting the example of taking responsibility shows our children how to take pride in their work.