Family Values Support Healthy Relationships, Stop Medicine Abuse, August 2016

Parents who monitor their child’s learning experiences have the opportunity to guide their child into honoring family values. For example, parents can encourage their child to volunteer in the community (neighborhood, school, church, etc.) in ways that support their family values. This can prevent detachment and participation in risky behaviors, such as substance abuse.

Helping Kids Settle Into the Back-to-School RoutineAugust

Interviewed by Paige Brettingen, Mom.Me contributor & Freelance Writer
“The transition from summer vacation to the back-to-school routine can be downright torturous. The good news is, there doesn’t have to be a full-on revolt in your house this year. Here are several ways to successfully help the kids (and yourself) settle back into the ol’ routine as easily and painlessly as possible.”

All Things Family ShowAll Things Family Show April & May 2016

Family life can be fun, exciting and inspiring but it can also be chaotic, stressful and unpredictable. Many parents crave more quality time,  joy, fun, passion, and fulfillment. They yearn to feel more energetic or m
ore balanced and to be better parents and partners.

The All Things Family Show  is a weekly show for parents, where we discuss… well, you may have guessed it – all things family. With topics from self-care to communication, stress to parenting skills. The show is hosted by two passionate and respected parent experts, coaches and authors:  mother of 3 little-uns, Crystal Horton and mother of 2 big-uns, Leonaura Rhodes.

The show was live streamed weekly on

How to Incentive Behavior Beyond the Rewardlogo-voiceboks-150x150

voiceBoks, February 2016

“Incentivizing behavior produces short term results with long term side effects. Children may develop low self-esteem, laziness, and indecisiveness. Rewards are about external control and cause a child to expect a prize after each task is finished.”

Successful Parenting Strategies for 21st. Century Business Owners

Entrepreneurs That Soar, Zef Zan, January 2016

21st. Century parents have to deal with much more challenging scenarios. Do you allow your kids to have a cell phone? If they do have one, can you put them in a social media time out? Which one? Smartphone or a tablet? Really? There used to be a time when kids didn’t want to stay in the house because they love the outdoors but now, it feels like we have to peel them off from their tech devices and make them enjoy what’s beyond that front door! Isn’t this a great topic for busy parents? Get some ideas on what the modern day parenting looks like.


Mom Monday – The Great Christmas Tree Hunthmajpd-final-logo-09-12-11-500x353

C. Lee and Khis Reed, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad December 2015

“A holiday tradition is defined as a belief or behavior that is passed down and has a symbolic meaning from the past. Our family mission is to make laughter a priority in each holiday tradition we have. The possibilities in our family seem to be endless. Here’s our tale on the great Christmas tree hunt.”

Helicopter vs. Engaged Parenting

Dr. Denny Coates, October 2015

Promote responsibility instead of dependability. Kids who are dependable toward others expect the world to wait for them. As the child grows into an adult, this expectation sticks with them.”

Mom-Monday – Defining Family Values


C. Lee and Khis Reed, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad October 2015

“Defining family values shows the pride and responsibility parents take for how they want their children to grow and flourish”

Mom Monday – Crystal Horton – Please Stop The Tantrumhmajpd-final-logo-09-12-11-500x353

C. Lee and Khris Reed, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad July 2015

“Parenting is an ongoing classroom where we learn from each experience. This was a profound moment for me because I realized how I teach my children now will carry with them into adulthood.”

From Fizzing Out to Smiling Againsmiling again
Gail Foley, One Awesome Community May 2015

‘Fizzing’ as Crystal Horton shares with us, that this expression is hers that describes when you just can’t cope anymore. Too many people, little people, big people, pets you name it demanding her time, literally brought it tip toeing over the edge!
I know many of you will connect to Crystal’s energy and vibrant enthusiasm! She just crackles with how much she cares about helping women navigate the sharky waters of parenting, from single parenting or dual parenting. No one gives you the optimal instructions on this and we often get into trouble when we have no role models or our parents were not the best.

11109027_1587988471471694_8042343893606352437_oHow Mompreneurs create balance and manage life’s interruptions to succeed
Zef Zan, Sandra Firestein, Creative Chat Cafe May 2015

This May, in celebration of Mother’s Day, Creative Chat Cafe celebrates and shares stories and journeys of successful women and mompreneurs. In this episode, We feature two women in business who have thrived through change and self-reinvention. Some key points of discussions in this episode …
✔The challenges of creating balance in life.
✔How to describe and communicate business goals to family.
✔Learn strategies that can promote a greater sense of family-life balance.
✔Get tips for busy mompreneurs on how to find balance.

How To Enjoy Family Time Without Technology
Fatima Lora, Motherhood Through My Eyes January 2015

The use of technology has improved throughout the years, and although every day more parents are allowing their children to interact with these tools, there are parents that feel it can hurt family time. In this segment of MomViews, writer, life coach and family strategist, Crystal Horton, shares her thoughts on being a busy mom and making time for her family, sans technology.

Pen Pal Exchange Project

Lisa, The Wellness Wife August 2014

Today, I am encouraging our children’s words to travel. Not by email, not through Facebook, not over Skype or Facetime, but by good, old-fashioned pen and paper. Join me in The Wellness Wife Pen Pal Project! If you have a child ages 6-12, I’d like to pair them with a child of the same gender and similar age to encourage writing letters and making friends in other states or even other countries.


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