Summer Break Routine For Kids by Crystal Horton

Woo Hoo! My children are out of school and our summer break has begun. With the help of Pinterest, I’ve put together a summer routine. The purpose of this is not to let the summer days get ahead of us and to avoid technology as much as possible. (Oh boy can we get sucked into that craziness.)

Our Summer Routine is as follows:

Make Bed
Brush Teeth
Comb Hair
Get Dressed
Eat Breakfast

20 min of Reading 
20 min of Math
20 min of Writing
20 min of Karate
or – 20 Min of Baseball
(approx. on all times)

Soak up some sun
Quick Pick-UP
Make/Build Something Creative
Help someone in the family

After this list is checked off, only then can we have some technology time. Although this routine lasts 4 hours it keeps us active and moving with a purpose. Of course I won’t be a stickler on this, we have several camping trips coming up and a few road trips. BUT during those days when there’s not much going on this will keep us busy and focused and happy to be doing something. (And! And! And!)

I’ve also found some incredible local family friendly events that we will participate in.  For example, Tinseltown hosts a summer movie club that is such a neat club. For only $5/person there’s a show every Wednesday or Thursday. The program they have set up is a series of fairly new movies. Click here for the link, select your cite and voila.

I’ll also be sharing local family friendly activities on my Facebook Page. If you’d like to keep up with that please be sure to like my page.

Create a great day,