Time Management With Intention by Crystal Horton

When goals have clarity time becomes easier to manage. Here is five strategies for managing time with intention:

Evaluate your current situation. Be realistic with your current situation. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. What’s currently happening with your day? Here’s what I found helpful, when I wrote down how I was spending my time, with every single detail, I discovered how much time I was wasting. For example I wrote my meals, how long it took to eat and clean up, sleeping pattern, chores, errands, writing a blog article, time with my children and husband, etc.. This opened my eyes of what my current situation was.

What are your strengths? Realizing how I spent my time helped me to recognize my strengths. This provided me insight to better manage my resources which in turn managed my time. Consider the skills you currently have and enjoy. How can you use those skills to improve your current situation.

What is your weakness? In writing down what I did each day, I discovered a few weaknesses. This provided me the option to find tools to better improve those skills. Recognizing our weakness can also help us to learn to accept what it is and work with it or remove it all together. By understanding your weakness you can accommodate for that time and calm the frustration of feeling the need to be great at everything.

Set 3 priorities per day.  A few years ago I learned a simple strategy that I have incorporated into my daily schedule. The majority of parents  only have enough time in their day to get three goals accomplished. Make a list of goals you want to  accomplished and then prioritize them. Start with the top three, move the rest to the next day. Celebrate when you finish those three priorities.

Focus on progress, not perfection. This was a tough one for me to learn. For the longest time I thought perfection was the name of the game. I felt if I perfected every little thing this would improve my time. Actually, it made everything worse! This long drawn out process created additional steps that didn’t need to be happening.

Time is very valuable. What we choose to do with our time creates a future of possibility for us. If we devalue our time we are also devaluing our future and those around us. Is this the lesson you want your children to pick up on? If there isn’t a goal in sight you will live your days just that way.

Create a great day, Crystal