Family Advocate

Parent/Caregiver Coaching

My mission is to encourage families to better manage their time, resources and patience. I help busy families restore balance in their household and assist in fixing the most frustrating family struggles…:

  • Morning Routines – Do you have a child that struggles to focus and can’t get out the door on time?
  • Bedtime Routine– Do you battle with your child to get into bed on time and sleep all night long?
  • Time Management – Do you wonder how the time has passed by so quickly and feel like nothing was accomplished?
  • Homework – Does it feel like a constant battle to finish homework in the evening?
  • Family Meal Planning – Do you dread figuring out what to make for dinner?
  • Power Struggles – Did you know that great parenting happens when you start to control yourself and stop controlling your kids?
  • …and so much more.

Crystal’s style is relatable, professional and impactful.  Her stories and examples provided clarity to my situation.  Crystal is an excellent coach.”  Mary S.



Training to Improve Family Balance

As a Family Life Strategist, I enjoy speaking with parents and caregivers providing strategies for families to become more balanced and involved in their child’s academics.

Studies have shown families with consistent routines develop healthy lifestyle skills, magnificent academic/work skills and effective time management skills. Disorganization causes children to feel disconnected with caregivers leading to behavior problems. This distraction costs families time, money and frustration in the form of tardies at school and work, missed days, bad learning behaviors, anxiety, messy homes and a scattered mindset, etc.

The problem families face is that the most crucial time of a child’s development is in their early elementary years when families are struggling to find balance. Children can easily fall behind if routines are not set in place. Children who become disorganized lack concentration in all areas of their life. The good news is this can be effectively addressed .

What do you want to wake up to each morning: A family that is rushed and frustrated … Or a family that wakes up well rested, feels calm following a smooth morning routine and is ready for their day?

My workshop is great for families, their kids and your obstacles with setting routines in place.

 Crystal did a wonderful job. Her presentation was organized, brief, and included a number of proven practical strategies for parents or caregivers to follow.  In a one-hour period she managed to give us strategies with the research that backs up the approach, and stories and examples to bring it all to life. -Francis W.


How I can Help

How I Help Families

I teach parents and caregivers a step-by-step approach to correcting the imbalance of time management mistakes with practical tools that families can put to use immediately.

The result? Your family will have fewer dilemmas, parents and caregivers will be less stressed and children will be less distracted. Clearing the clutter clears the mind which opens up that space for learning. Effective time management strategies improve a child’s focus.

Here’s how I can help:

Live Interactive Discussions, Workshops & Webinars on the most frustrating time management dilemmas like managing morning chaos, curing bedtime struggles, an action plan for finishing chores and solutions for weekly family meal planning.  Parents and Caregivers can easily tune into step-by-step solutions and get their questions answered.

Join many families who have benefited from my Family Time Management program and cut back on instability significantly – Contact Me today by email: be inspired (at) Crystal Horton (dot) com to learn how I can help your family.


I respect your time and want you to achieve lasting results. Fill out the form below with any questions and to schedule a consultation.